Brian Keller

Brian Keller, President, and CEO of Symtek has nearly 40 years of experience in the construction industry and almost 20 years in business management expertise. In addition to managing the import-export operations for Symtek, Brian Keller also oversees the Quest family of companies which provides labor resources for rough framing and trim labor for Multi-family projects in South Central Wisconsin. One of Mr. Keller’s main focus for Symtek is to increase the variety of products being imported and exported. Mr. Keller, along with three business partners started the first of several Quest companies in 1998. Starting out with a rough framing labor company with 4 employees in 1998, they have expanded the Quest name over the years to include a general contracting company, a trim labor division, and a property management company, with a total employee base of more than 80 employees. In addition to developing these new business ventures, Mr. Keller has implemented a leadership program to teach leadership skills and encourage personal growth among its top leaders which in turn has helped the leadership team excel in their ability to lead the Quest organization with their continuing focus on becoming stronger leaders and making the Quest Companies a place where Everyone wants to work.

This has allowed this team to strengthen the organization and opened doors to many opportunities for expansion, including the import-export business that Symtek is pursuing.